Silo Delivery

Silo Delivery

Once Kasprs have received confirmation that safe access, a silo base and appropriate power and water provisions have been made by the customer, a silo delivery date will be finalised. The silo will be delivered by a rigid truck, which will reverse up to the silo base to stand the silo on it. Silos are normally delivered with a part load of up to a maximum of 15 tonnes, please check your delivery ticket for the exact tonnage delivered. Kasprs can also deliver silos empty at the customer’s request, e.g. where access is restricted and the customer is able to place the silo onto the base via a crane.

Silo Commission and Demonstration

A silo commission and demonstration will be arranged to coincide with a silo delivery, or at a time convenient to the customer. A Kasprs engineer will connect the silo to the power and water supplies, ensuring that it is fully operational before demonstrating its use. All appropriate personnel nominated by the customer will then receive training from the Kasprs engineer in how to use the system. A Certificate of Competence will then be issued to those site personnel who have been fully trained in the operation of the system. Only those trained personnel are permitted to operate the silo. Should further personnel require training, please notify Remix, who will return to conduct another training session.

Please note that no attempt whatsoever must be made to use the Kasprs silo prior to our engineer visiting site to test and commission the silo, control panel and mixer units.

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