Pre Silo Delivery

Pre Silo Delivery

Once you have decided to place an order for a Kasprs dry silo mortar system, we will need to know the mix required, total tonnage and intended power supply.

One individual silo is required for each different mix, and our mortar is designed for use with all types of masonry units above and below damp proof course. Please contact us should you require advice on the appropriate mortar designation for specific applications. Quantities of bricks and blocks that can be laid per tonne vary, depending upon the type being used - solid, perforated or frogged bricks, whilst blocks vary in nominal size. These factors need to be considered when finalising the quantities you require.

Prior to delivery each site will then be subject to a survey conducted by an authorised member of the Kasprs management team, who will advise the appropriate on site personnel on all aspects associated with the provision of the dry silo system and a provisional delivery date will be agreed.



Once we have agreed where to locate your silo on site, clear unobstructed access must be provided from the highway to the silo base on a hard road or other suitable surface, which is capable of carrying vehicles weighing up to 44 tonnes gross. Please give consideration to location of compounds, buildings, overhanging scaffold, material storage points etc., when deciding where to site your silo base. Kasprs vehicles are rigid or articulated and require a minimum headroom of 4.2 metres and a minimum width of 3 metres.

Silo Base

Ideally, customers should provide a concrete base of 4m x 3m per silo, capable of supporting a gross weight of 37.5 tonnes (0.3 N/mm2). The base must be level, consolidated and protected from flooding and subsidence. Safe clear access to and around the silo base must be maintained at all times. Any alternative surface being used as the silo base must comply with the above criteria. If you are in any doubt regarding the construction required for your base relevant to your on site conditions, please consult your structural engineers.

Silo Dimensions

Silo footprint 3m x 3m (9m2)
Silo height 7.15m
Required silo clearance height 9m
Weight empty 2.5 tonnes
Weight full 37.5 tonnes
Storage capacity 35 tonnes