Kasprs Premix Plaster

Kasprs Premix Plaster

Kasprs Premix Plaster is a high quality pre-mixed water resistant polymer modified cement based plaster, fast & easy to use. Practically crack resistant, water & weather resistant in all climatic conditions, intended to be used internally & externally for AAC/ CLC blocks, fly ash / red clay bricks, stone walls and concrete surfaces as an ideal replacement of conventional cement-sand plaster that makes it the most demanded product today.

Features & Benefits

• The material is ready to use, only mix with water and apply
• This product can be applied by traditional manual application or by modern plastering machines to increase productivity at site.
• It can serve as plaster coat underneath putty for interior use or any other exterior finishes as a subbase for application of paints.
• Due to the manufacturing process under controlled conditions, the premix bags gives consistent quality.
• Have good bond strength, crack resistance and water resistance. • Have good compressive strength.
• Easy to maintain stock as equal size packaging in bag form is provided. • Cost-effective and user friendly.

Coverage Per Bag

• For AAC / CLC blocks 10-12 mm thk. - Covers 16-20 sq.ft. (approx).
• For Fly Ash Bricks 10-15 mm. Thk. - Covers 12-15 sq.ft. (approx).


• Cement, Graded Sand, Fibers, Specialized Polymers, Performance additives & chemicals.


• Available in 40 kg PP laminated bag.

Shelf Life & Storage

• Shelf life is 6 months from the date of manufacturing in packing.
• Store the material in cool, dry and shaded place.

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