Ordering a Silo Refill

Ordering a Silo Refill

All orders must be placed directly with the Kasprs order office. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours notice when ordering a refill. Any special delivery requirements, e.g. restricted hours of access to schools, details of road closures, deliveries through pedestrianised areas etc., must be conveyed at the time of the order being placed, to enable us to plan the delivery accordingly. You must also provide the order office with the number of the silo to be refilled.

Depending on site access, deliveries are provided by rigid trucks (maximum 20 tonne loads), city tankers (short wheelbase articulated trucks maximum 27 tonne loads) and articulated trucks (maximum 30 tonne loads). With the silo capacity being 35 tonnes, refill levels should be 15 tonnes or less for rigids, 8 tonnes or less for city tankers and 5 tonnes or less for articulated vehicles.

To calculate when you need to re-order, Kasprs advise that sites keep a written record of the number of tubs drawn on a daily basis.

A full silo of 35 tonnes will hold approximately 100 x 250ltr tubs of mortar. There are approximately 1.4 tonnes of dry silo mortar to the cubic metre and to calculate the number of tubs that the silo will produce, simply divide the delivered tonnage by 1.4. e.g. An initial silo delivery of 12 tonnes divided by 1.4 = 8.57m3 x 4 (the number of 250ltr tubs to the m3) = 34 tubs.

By keeping accurate records, sites can anticipate when the re-order level is approaching.

When the silo refill truck arrives on site, it needs to get within 5 metres of the silo to undergo its discharge procedure. A rubber hose is connected to the silo inlet pipe from the silo truck and the material is blown from the truck into the silo via pressurised air. Failure to provide access to the silo from 5 metres or less could result in the truck returning to the plant without discharging its load, incurring a returned load charge to the customer.

Only authorised Kasprs vehicles and personnel are permitted to fill the silos. All unauthorised personnel must keep clear of the silo area during these operations.