Kaspr's Block Jointing Mortar

Kaspr's Block Jointing Mortar

Kasprs Block Jointing Mortar is a semi premix high-quality mortar for jointing and bonding of AAC blocks, Concrete blocks. It consists of cement, graded sand and specialized polymers which combine to give superior strength, water retention, and stability. It replaces the conventional method and material of jointing mortar which requires a 12- 18 mm thickness with revolutionary 3-5 mm joint thickness. Standard specification code followed is ASTM C1660-09..

Features & Benefits

• Being Ready to Use, It eliminates on-site mixing and storage of various raw materials thus saving a lot on time and manpower.
• Self Curing, saving on labor & water required for curing.
• Compressive strength is higher than the conventional cement/ sand mortar.
• Being a thin layer joint, it gives high adhesion strength, low shrinkage, and seamless structure.
• Masonry Surface is ready for a subsequent application like plastering just after 24 hrs.

Coverage Per Bag

Coverage depends upon the evenness of the masonry unit, the thickness of the joint, size of the masonry unit, proper mixing, and proper workmanship.



• Cement, Graded Sand, Specialized Polymers, Performance additives & chemicals.


• Available in 40 kg PP laminated bag.

Shelf Life & Storage

• Shelf life is 6 months from the date of manufacturing in packing.
• Store the material in cool, dry and shaded place.

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