Daily Silo Use

Daily Silo Use

Ensure power leads and water hoses are correctly and securely connected. Place tub under discharge chute.

Press start button on control panel to run mixer before opening manual butterfly valve. Open butterfly valve to allow material into dry chamber, which will then be fed into the wet chamber where water addition takes place.

Adjust workability of mortar as required by using the water flow control valve. When the amount of mortar being discharged into the tub is nearing the required amount, close the butterfly valve and keep the mixer running. The remaining mortar inside the unit will then be discharged into the tub. When all of the mortar has run out of the discharge point and only water is left running from it, you will know that the mixer is clean and you can press the stop button.

N.B. It is possible to run the silo mixer unit via the timer on the control panel.

Simply set the desired running time and press the start button. The mixer will stop automatically when the set time has expired.

Please note the following when the timer method is utilised:
If the mixer is left for over an hour after it was last used, the mortar left in the wet chamber will start to set, especially in hot weather. This will overload the mixer motor next time it is used and could result in damage to the motor and its eventual failure. To avoid this, ensure that the butterfly valve is closed and press the start button to run the residue out of the mixer chamber before the material has time to gain an intial set. When only water starts to run out of the discharge point, this means the mixer is clean.

Helpful Hints

In addition to observing the cleaning procedure and to ensure trouble-free usage of the dry silo system, here are some more helpful hints.

The butterfly valve must be closed when a refill is being discharged into an empty silo, otherwise material will blow straight into the mixer unit, meaning the motor will be under duress when started.

In winter months freezing water may seriously damage the control panel and the water fittings. In cases of long intervals between use and at the end of the working day, please ensure that the water fittings are completely drained as follows:

1. Turn off the water supply
2. Uncouple the water supply pipe
3. Uncouple the pipe from the mixer unit
4. Open water drain taps
5. Put switch into the brush position
6. Let water drain off accordingly.

In areas where site security is an issue, it is advisable to remove the control panel from the silo by disconnecting the water pipes and electrical leads before lifting it off the bracket and placing it in a secure location to prevent damage by vandalism or theft.
Take care of the equipment that Kasprs provide to your site. Any damage to instrumentation or switches on the mixer/control panel could interfere with the normal operation of the silo system, resulting in unnecessary downtime and loss of productivity for your site. Ensure that site vehicles used for loading and transporting mortar avoid contact with the silo and its equipment at all times.
Once a week, it is advised that you inspect the silo mixing chamber. The procedure will be demonstrated by the Kasprs engineer at the initial training session. If there is any build-up on the screw or on the inside of the chamber, please remove it with a wire brush. Contact Kasprs if any wearing parts (e.g. scrapers) need renewing and the engineer will attend site to replace any worn parts and will conduct a mixer/control panel service.

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